Elevate your healthy habits and Learn how to Build a Meditation Practice for good!


what my current meditation students say ❤️🙏

Most teachers and meditation programs charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per month for this kind of value.

But I decided to create a solution that any stressed out woman could afford for just $7/month

You Want To Become More Relaxed, Focused, And Happy


You Feel Confused And Frustrated When It Comes to Meditation & Mindfulness

My guess is: You've done some form of meditation and mindfulness before....

But, it never became a habit... let alone one that you were actually looking forward to.

Trying a new fancy mediation app or reading another best-seller book on living in the present will make you feel inspired for a few days or weeks, but ultimately doesn’t lead to a consistent, mind-altering practice and you might wonder if this will even work for you…

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to find inner peace,
but nothing seemed to work 🤔?

Did you try countless times to be more present, journal, or meditate...

But you can't seem to follow through and get the results you were hoping for 😬?

Or... you could use a tested signature process to learn how to create a powerful meditation practice.


Here is what happens when you do that, you......

  • calm your mind and mental chatter
  • ditch the meditation apps that don't create a steady routine
  • see life-changing results
  • ​can grasp powerful transformations within your mind
  • capture ​creativity, inspiration, and contentment
  • ​show up with confidence and authenticity in your daily life
  • new-found clarity and inner strength
  • build the foundation for a life-changing meditation practice one breath at a time.

let me ask you this...is there a reason why?

You've tried using a meditation app...

BUT whatever app you try, it never fully resonates, and after the shiny-new-thing effect has worn off, you start ignoring the notifications, and soon forget all about it.

That’s why you've read books & blogs on mindfulness...

BUT you struggle to actually implement all the techniques and advice. And the hope and inspiration quickly turn into overwhelm and disappointment.

You even did an (online) course trying to find inner peace...

BUT even after going through it you didn't really experience a mental transformation to get you hooked. And your fragile habits quickly fell apart.

Heather Hathaway

Founder + Coach

Hi there!

My name is Heather Hathaway. I am a certified meditation teacher and long-time meditation practitioner for over 20 years.... and I can truly say that meditation changed my entire life..and has blessed me with lasting inner peace!

and I want the same & more for you!!

When I started out as a new meditator, I had zero help, there were no Facebook groups or communities that I knew of. It was even scary and weird, what was this thing called meditation?? But what I did have is the desire and determination to try something new...to me... but deeply rooted in ancient practices that have been known for eons to calm the mind and bring inner joy...

I needed something quick! To calm my mental chatter and anxiety....I was completely at a loss as to what I should do in life and what is the point of life! I was in the middle of a career crisis that I had given so much to and my mind.was.just.not.ok.. too much chatter=too much stress.

👉So I finally decided to just pick a meditation technique I read from a book and get started even though I had no idea what I was doing...but it was such a profound experience...actually getting the mind to slow down for a split second instead of spewing thoughts all day??!! It was so foreign, it was weird!!..and I was so proud of myself! 🎉🙏 This was a HUGE deal for me...especially with no one to help me.

That was in March of 2002

But Then,....

I had a major setback. My life was starting to crumble in Hollywood as an aspiring singer/songwriter and I was literally going through a midlife crisis at age 25. The toxicity of the music business was just too much.

I lost focus and gusto once again for my meditation practice and dropped it for months.


Because here's the thing: you can have the most epic promise of enlightenment and all, but...

It's super hard to build a solid habit and actually practice consistently.

And even if you can get yourself to do it, if you don't enjoy practicing, and don't experience any immediate benefits, it's super hard to make your habit stick.

Plus, who wants to go through life, dragging themselves through another thing on their "should-do" list every single day...

I told myself: There must be a more enjoyable way to do this and make it work, even if I feel like I have absolutely no time to spare!

And that’s when it hit me...

I needed to make my practice a

crave-able experience

that wouldn't just release anxiety and bring me peace, but that would actually bring my mind and life to the next level. A practice I wouldn't want to live without ever again.

And this time, I finally started to see the results I'd been working for so long...

and, 20 years later I still have a transformative routine and system in place that works and sticks...allowing me to become the kind of person that I truly want to be no matter what life brings me.

and the best part....I am now able to step into a world of peace and fun one meditation practice at a time.


The 5 Step Path to a permanent meditation practice

The exact steps to finding inner peace and literally unlocking your life's potential.

Letting go of anxiety and overwhelm and embracing joy and quietude of mind!


The Mantra Meditation Collective

a monthly meditation membership, course and community.

By becoming a Mantra Meditation Collective Member you will Learn how to build your own crave-able meditation & mindfulness practice to reprogram your mind and develop any attitude you want, like tranquility, playfulness, and confidence.

Get expert help and guidance every step of the way, including science-backed toolkits, strategies, and on-demand training for only $7/month.


You get everything you need to quickly start your meditation practice AND develop life-changing habits so that you can experience inner peace CONSISTENTLY


  • 6 bite-sized modules that provide you with the step-by-step growth strategy.
  • Detailed 5 Step Process to Create a Meditation Habit for Good so that you can enjoy inner peace and mental nourishment.
  • 100% Educationally designed instructional materials, videos, and written information following Educational Design best practices by an experienced educator and course creator.
  • ​Including all the worksheets, journals, and planners you need to get you to the next step in your meditation journey, self-care, and self-reflection.
  • ​An ever-growing resource library with meditation audio downloads, workbooks, workshops, book-studies and more so you can be continually inspired to conquer your journey.
  • Academic and Science based research included as downloads so you can educate yourself on the benefits of meditation.
  • ​Access to the inner circle Facebook group with like minded individuals for accountability, connection and support.
  • Feedback and any questions you have that are answered in the Facebook inner circle group.
  • 2 Live Coachings and Q&As every month.
  • Monthly Live Meditation Sessions.
  • Monthly Workshops and Guest Speakers.
  • ​New tools and inspiring resources added every month.

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

Meditation Kick Start Pack

Downloadable Science Backed Research

Different Meditation Trackers to Suit your Needs

Detailed Meditation Posture Workbook

5 Step Transformation Process with Beautifully Designed Lessons

Breathwork Downloads and Embedded Videos

Obstacles to Meditation Workbooks

Putting it all Together Workbook

Schedule Creation Workbook and Journal

6 Beautifully Designed Modules & Lessons

Detailed Mantra Guide with Audio Recordings

Obstacles to Meditation and how to Overcome them

Video Training with Every Lesson + Downloads+

Science-Backed Habit Module

Meditation 101: Resources to get your practice going for good!

An Entire Mindfulness Module with Workbooks for each Lesson

Guided Meditation and Meditation Reflections.

3 Different Meditation Techniques to Try with Complete Guidance


Stop trying to build your life-altering meditation practice alone. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of practice,

like-minded meditation enthusiast, workshops, master classes and always have new and inspiring materials to keep you motivated and educated on your meditation journey.

The Meditation Vault

Have audio downloads and guided scripts right at your fingertips to download and explore the various kinds of meditation.

Monthly drops are added bringing you new and inspiring guided meditations.

You can explore a variety of meditations this way to see which one suits you the best. This is also a great way to explore meditation as the amazing treat for the soul that it is.

Spiritual Planner

Elevate your spiritual journey with our beautifully designed Spiritual Planner, featuring challenges, journal prompts, and more to fulfill and plan your spiritual life.

Embark on a purposeful journey of self-discovery and growth.

Anxiety Rehab

Experience transformative healing with Anxiety Rehab, a comprehensive 4-week journal and planner designed to help you identify and overcome your sources of anxiety.

Unlock inner peace as you navigate through thought-provoking journal prompts and implement a personalized action plan.

Affirmation Jar

Introducing Bonus #4: The Affirmation Jar. Elevate your meditation and mental well-being journey with this unique step-by-step process.

Create your own personalized jar filled with empowering affirmations that will inspire and motivate you each day, ensuring a positive and uplifting meditation experience.

Growth Mindset Cheat Sheet

Discover Bonus #5: The Growth Mindset Cheatsheet. Unlock the power of a growth mindset with this handy worksheet that prompts and guides you to cultivate a mindset of continuous growth and resilience.

Quickly shift your perspective and embrace new possibilities on your meditation and personal growth journey.

Mandala Coloring Book

Introducing Bonus #6: The Mindful Coloring Book. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and creativity with over 90 beautifully crafted mandala, yantra, and chakra coloring pages.

Print and color these pages to soothe your soul and enhance your meditation practice.

I am so convinced of the method and tools share in this meditation club because they helped me to completely change my life and create the inner workings of the mind that bring joy and lasting inner peace.


What if I can help you to develop a life-changing meditation practice in just one month?

What if you could be more present with your family...your job...your career....your passions??

What if you could find that so needed equalibirium for your emotions and moods?

What if you could tap into your creativity and inspirations to really let your passions shine??🤔🤔🤔

My members find all of this and more inside, I can't wait to see you experience the benefits of a life-changing meditation practice as well.

The Nice Things They Say ❤️🙏

👉The Mantra Meditation Collective is for two specific people….


The aspiring meditator who wants to start a life-changing practice of permanent inner peace and doesn't know where to start.


The meditator who feels stuck and wants to boost their meditation practice, get new techniques, and reap the fruit of calm, creativity, and joy.

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!


You don’t need to have any previous experience meditating or think you need a quiet mind or a ton of free time to start this practice...quite the opposite, actually.

With a complete meditation program and course broken down into bite-sized chunks with step by step directions and live support, you will become the person you envision that is full of peace, love and joy.....not to mention your creativity, memory, passions, and mental capacity will get a boost.

If you have tried so many things that haven't worked, THEN LET ME TELL YOU THIS:

  • This is nothing like the things you’ve tried before
  • ​This will help you to flip the switch from a stressed-out loop to a confident zone full of peace.
  • ​This will allow you to get the accountability, practice and feedback to become an even better coach that creates outstanding results.
  • ​This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you an exact step-by-step process for meditation. No guesswork! Science-backed and researched based.
  • ​You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey.
  • ​There is no risk (7-day money-back guarantee and you can cancel at any time).

This cost less than a couple cups of coffee at Starbucks but other than the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life bringing you that mental detox and relief from desperation and stressed out to confidence and bliss.

I swear by the things I share with you in this meditation membership because they made me a daily meditation practitioner for over 20 years ..every single day...why..because it brings me life-changing joy and peace!!...

and I want the same for you!

Go from being burned out on what life has been bringing you ➤➤➤ to being in the midst of open doors to take you on the journey inwards to meditation treasures.

Stop trying different meditation methods that are simply not working, confusing...or you can't even find the time to start practicing at all and ➤➤➤ instead have a simple, clear process for creating a life-changing meditation habit that sticks for good.

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤ get support, feedback, accountability, like-minded meditation seekers, and practice opportunities in our amazing members-only community.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am a new at meditation and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?
A: That’s not a problem at all. I will explain everything from the super basics to the more advanced techniques, in an action-by-action approach. You will be able to go through the material at your own pace and there are lots of support options available if you get stuck.

Q: I'm already quite an experienced meditator and mindfulness practitioner. Will I still find value?
A: I think you will, as this program is super action-orientated. It’s not just theory, it’s about applying the best practices and science-based techniques to your life, and make them fit your specific circumstances and personal preferences. Plus, the accountability, support, and encouragement is something you can’t find in a blog post or book.

Q: Can I wait and join later?
A: Yes, but I’m not sure when I will open the program again and the price might go up in the future.

Q: How much support is included?
A: There is a 24h written support (on weekdays) included which means that you will get all your questions answered within our members-only support group within 1 day. There will also be bi-weekly Q&A calls and live meditation sessions.

Q: Can I cancel the membership?
A: Yes, you can cancel this membership any time.

You’ll have more attention from me to a point where never ever somebody would have this much access to me and attention from me for this price.

Q: When will I get access?
A: You’ll get immediate access to all the items in the course.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
A: Yes, there is a 14-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

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